Illinois Plants

Are you interested in plants?  Can you find Illinois on a map?

Visit Illinois Plants!  

Eupatorium maculatum, Hickory Creek Sedge Meadow, Cook County, IL. Photo by Greg Spyreas

This is a new website that provides detailed information about the 3249 plants that have found a home in Illinois’ natural areas.  It includes info on plant traits, geographical distributions, collection records, and phenology.  Plus we have great pictures of most of them.

Perhaps you are looking to identify a plant in Illinois…  Perhaps you are looking to understand geographic distributions of Midwestern plants…  Perhaps you want to know how rattlesnake master fixes carbon…  Or perhaps you are simply wanting to know what that thing was that got caught in the spokes of your covered wagon…  In each of these cases, Illinois Plants is the site for you!

Greg Spyreas, Dan Nickrent, and I conceived of the project and enlisted Aidan Epstein, Phil Anders, and Mai Greenwood to help with the programming.  Numerous researchers throughout Illinois have contributed data, pictures, and botanical expertise in making the site.  And it is still growing…


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